(This is an independent Mana Walker roleplay account.
I usually Rp him at around age 17 on special times he will go over or under these ages.)

"Please, feel free to look around all you like. Also, if you have any question or just want to chat feel free to do so. I'll try doing my best around here but lets all have fun!~"


"Thank you to everybody who follows us!~ We love all of you and hope you like this little thingy!~"


But really guys, thank you so much~ When I first started this blog thing I didn’t even think I would get over 50! Mana was never a really big main character in the series, hence why I like Rping him, so I am honestly shocked my all these people!~ But thank you everyone for all your support and putting up with my shit!~ Again I hope you like this thing, sorry because it is not a video of myself I am too awkward to do that. I also hope the buffering isn’t too bad~ Love you all and take it easy guys!~


For some reason this video dose not work with some computers so if it does not work you can see it here

Sorry for the inconvenience~